5 days in The Norfolk Broads, the lovely relaxing broads

5 days in The Norfolk Broads, the lovely relaxing broads

Our holiday did not get off to a great start. We were half an hour out of Chichester and Colin realized we had forgotten the toilet so we had to go all the way back for it. I was not happy! Then we got stuck on the M25 because of a lorry fire and thought we might have to spend the night on the motorway stuck in between great big lorries.

We did eventually get going and stopped for the night near Newmarket racecourse. Cath was surprised to see so many racehorses in and around Newmarket town! Sometimes I do wonder about her!

I drove to Norfolk on the Friday morning through some beautiful countryside and we found a lovely farmshop on the way where Colin and Cath bought some local produce, wood and 2 bottles of elderberry wine. We arrived at the campsite on the north coast, near Sherringham around lunch time and Colin and Cath pitched the awning while I sat in the sunshine, and got covered in flies! We were next to a field of cows! The farm was lovely though, they had 3800 chickens and sold their eggs. Cath usually forgets the eggs but this time already brought 12 with her. Typical !

That evening my friend Roger the Range Roger was due to arrive with Bob and Brenda. Colin cooked on the BBQ in the evening, made a fire and with Cath drank both bottles of elderberry wine!! By the time Roger arrived around midnight with Bob and Brenda they were very drunk and noisy (funny though!).

The following morning Bob was being really weird and spent most of the morning stalking his cup of tea. I do worry about his state of mind at times, he is bonkers!!!

Later they decided to go canoeing (with hangovers) I wish I could have seen them, they have never canoed before! But, I did hear that poor Grandma Ruby nearly got rocked out of the canoe because it was too windy. Poor old Brenda had a rough time too and struggled to get out of the reeds. What a sight that must have been!

Demoralised and defeated, they gave up with the canoes and hired a little motorized day boat instead. They all had a much more relaxing afternoon on the broads. Especially Cath and Brenda!

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