Day out to Dubs at the pub, Wimborne

Day out to Dubs at the pub, Wimborne

What a great place for a VW event!

This is a small but fun venue set within the beautiful Dorset countryside. The site itself is set next to the River Stour, where the views across the lush meadows are really quite breathtaking. Note to self, must come back next time and stay for a few nights.

The live music was fab and we met lots of really great people who commented on how good I looked. We even bumped into Laidback Larry’s who had a trade stand selling their tables. Of course, I couldnt resist showing mine off again!

I did meet one really interesting man who was selling some VW jumble very close to where I was parked and kept making me laugh all day. He was really kind too and looked after Grandma Ruby whilst Cath, Colin and Macca wandered round the trade stands. I never did find out his name but I think he looked like a Kevin! so thats what I shall call him. He said he might be going to Bracknell to sell his junk, I mean jumble next week, so never know might see him there. Really hope so!

We also saw some really unusual VWs, just look at this one impersonating a Zebra!

And this baby one made from chicken wire! How clever is that?

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