Day out to Dubs in the Park, Bracknell

Day out to Dubs in the Park, Bracknell

Cath spent all week making new posh cushions, tiebacks and bunting ready for my first show and shine at a VW show. Look at the fantastic job she made, I am such a lucky boy!

I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get to the show to see all the other vans and hopefully meet some more friends. I was not disappointed and we even met up with ‘Kevin’ and his mate ‘Neil’ selling their junk. They are such nice guys and jolly too. See what I mean!

I entered the show and shine and even though I didn’t win anything, I thought I stood proud alongside the other lovely VW vans. What do you think?

The show was a big success yet again this year with some really amazing vans. Maybe next year I will have a chance to win. Not to worry, it was just such an amazing day out with some real stunners! Just take a look at these:

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