Trip to Dartmoor

Trip to Dartmoor

At last! I have been dying to try out Runnage Farm for a wild camping experience and it did not disappoint. Set in the heart of Dartmoor National Park it is surrounded by some of greenest and most stunning countryside you could ever hope to see. We stayed in a field next to the farmhouse with a stream running past our pitch and lush meadowland all around. There was loads of space to spread out and we were even visited by ponies when they came into the field to settle down their foals every night. Truly fantastic!

Colin was chief cook and fire maker and managed to rustle up some great cowboy food. His bangers and beans was a delight apparently, but just check out this bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast! They even had fresh fish one night which Colin said was from the nearby stream. Don’t be stupid Colin, we all know you can’t get freshwater ‘Red Mullet’. Get a grip man!

The days out were fun too and we spent most of the time looking for Tors to climb or beautiful streams to follow. Unfortunately I did get poorly once and I broke down at Bellever Forest Park. Luckily I just had a wire loose and we were soon on our way. I must be getting more like Cath these days because Colin is always saying she has a loose wire, or was that screw! Anyway I hope she doesn’t always feel as rough as I did that day.

Just one of the many beautiful waterfalls and pools we found but check out Will at the top of that Tor, what a nutter!

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