10th to 12th June – Bristol Volksfest weekend

10th to 12th June – Bristol Volksfest weekend

When the rain finally decided to stop and the sun came out we actually had a fab time! Luckily Roger, Brenda and Bob arrived on the Friday afternoon to pitch up all the tents before the torrential downpour just as we arrived. The first night was a wash out, but the next morning the sun began to shine and everything was lovely again. I even got to sleep next to my best friend Roger The Range Rover and we giggled together all night about stuff. He really cheers me up! Check us out below, although I see Macca managed to get in the shot again!
Bob and Colin (AKA Burt and Ernie) love to have fun at the shows and they decided it would be a good idea to make themselves look really silly this time!

Although Brenda seemed to think it was a good idea too!

Even Grandma Ruby joined in on the act!

We did get to see some fab vans as well just check this one out! Its also amazing what you can fit into a Beetle!

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