Goodwood fireworks

Goodwood fireworks

Just for fun, Bob, Brenda and Roger invited us all to watch the fireworks display at the top of the Goodwood Trundle Hill this evening. On the way Colin and Cath decided it would be fun to sneak into Goodwood House to see how the Festival of Speed preparations were getting on. We were able to see this years temporary centre piece structure being erected in front of Goodwood house. Can you work out what it is?

Whilst we were there, Colin thought it would be fun to pretend to be a racing car driver and said he was Sterling Moth (or something like that) I pretended to be Jenson Button (much cooler!) as we zoomed up the speedtrack towards the start line. What fun! We weren’t really supposed be there but that made it even more exciting!

Colin you are a nutter!

Every year they put on a fantastic display and this year was no exception. I had a great view of the fireworks right next to the Grandstand!

Bob, Brenda and Colin still insisted on wearing those really daft hats, but it seems to make them laugh alot so I don’t really mind. Thanks Bob, Brenda and Roger for inviting us we had a fab time!

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