14th to 16th July – The Larmer Tree Festival

14th to 16th July – The Larmer Tree Festival

We had the most fantastic time at Larmer Tree this year which was really colourful with great music, especially Imelda May with her rocking tunes!

They even had an Indian reservation on the camp site which looks like such fun! A bit too much like glamping for my liking, but Bob and Brenda seemed very interested in the Tee pees. Perhaps we will see them in one next year. I can’t wait for that, I can just see Bob as big chief running Bull and Brenda as Pocahontas!! LOL LOL

It did rain alot over the weekend which was a bit annoying but Colin bought Cath a funky strawberry umbrella to keep her dry which I think is just fab and she loves it loads. They are mad!!

We did see some weird and wonderful things! This strange looking creature skulked out of his van on the first day and scared the living daylights out of me!! He seemed very friendly to all the children though!!

These two other strange looking creatures (AKA colin and Cath) also appeared from time to time but more weird than scary. They do make me laugh lots with their weird costumes and strange ideas! They love me lots though, so I guess its not too bad after all.

Bob and Brenda wanted to be Cowboys and joined in with their silly games but not sure who looked the daftest. What do you think?

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