Dubs in the Forest a great success

Dubs in the Forest a great success

I had a great weekend with Colin, Cath and Macca at Dubs in the Forest this weekend.  My second event trading and it was a great success.  The weather was awful though and everyone was covered in mud by the time we went home, but they all enjoyed it I think and nobody lost their sense of humour!

Look at me here peeping at my new shop and check out my new sign above the door, both of them!  Look at Cath enjoying herself setting up shop and doesn’t her bunting look great?!  Bob and Brenda even popped in for a quick cup of tea.

The shop looked really colourful and my Junior themed products were really popular.   Some of our customers had already bought my book and were so excited to meet me.  It was lovely to see so many children there, just a shame the bouncy castle and surf simulator weren’t there because of the weather, but most of them just enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles.  Our magic umbrellas were popular and Cath had fun in the rain with one.

And Brenda had fun with a bubble sword….

There were so many dogs there, but check out this one.  We can’t remember what breed it is but nicknamed it Doogle the Rasta Dog!  Please let us know if you know what it is (or its real name) but we loved it!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us on Saturday and for all your nice comments about our new products and thanks to the organisers of the event.  Well done too to all those that stayed on Saturday night and saw through the wind and rain.  Braver than we were!



  1. would just like to say thank you junior for lending us you water carrier at dubs in the forest as husband forgot his and millie are t25 was thirsty so was bonnie are westy pup see you soon

    • Hey Tracey, its was our pleasure and it was good to meet you. Thanks for liking my facebook page too. See you at another show sometime maybe. J

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