VW shows being cancelled due to adverse weather

We’ve had two big disappointments recently.  Vanwest was postponed, due to the weather, to September 14th-16th and Dubs at the Park has been cancelled altogether.

We are going to try booking into Beaulieu Spring Autojumble for this weekend, 19th and 20th May instead.  Anyone know what its like?  It appears they have 14,000 classic car enthusiasts visiting.

Such a shame that the season calendar is being disrupted already.  Dates are being moved towards the end of the year, into autumn which is causing the season to be prolonged, but that’s probably not a bad thing.  Big Bang was disrupted right in the middle of the show earlier in the year and everyone was sent home.  Battlesbridge, Essex has been cancelled and Oktoberfest have moved their date on one week to allow for room between shows.

We were really looking forward to seeing all Juniors fans at Vanwest, he had some friends that were going there to see him, but hopefully they will go to some of the other shows later in the year.

We have all our fingers and toes crossed that Plymouth Volksfest (1st-5th June) will not be cancelled, no signs or rumours so far that it will be.

Good luck to everyone hoping to trade at the shows this year, it appears to be pot luck whether we get there or not and good luck to all the campers hoping to have a weekend away only to have their plans scuppered by the weather.

When will this rain end?

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