Junior’s First Hire

Our little Junior is out on his first hire this very weekend.  After two mad weeks of preparation with new headlining, mattresses, door panels and front wheel arches he has finally gone off on a weekend trip with a lovely lady and her daughter.

I wonder how he is getting along with his new guests?  Emma hasn’t stopped asking questions; Will they be warm enough? Will Junior prefer them to us? Will they work out how the fridge works? Where did they go?  We have left a journal and hope that their weekend was enjoyable enough for them to want to tell us about it and then all her questions will perhaps be answered.

We have been thinking about them all weekend as the weather has been horrid.  We really hope they are ok and are not put off travelling and sleeping in a campervan.

We have three other hires already booked so Junior has lots of adventures planned through the summer.

If you would like to hire Junior, please contact our friends at Dorset Dubbers who will be pleased to help.


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