Junior’s new party adventure

Junior’s new party adventure

You’ll never guess where I was this weekend!  I went to a 21st and 50th themed birthday party and was the centre-piece in their beautiful garden.  It was great fun and there were loads of teenagers lounging around inside me all evening, chatting and laughing and I loved it!

Everyone had a great time and they were all really good, I didn’t even have a bit of beer spilt on me.  They dropped me off at the venue early on the Saturday evening, I stayed overnight and they collected me again on Sunday morning.  The youngest daughter slept in me overnight and this is what she wrote in my journal. 

I think they were both so pleased it went well that they are thinking about letting me go to other parties.

If you think you might like me at your party, (I make a great back drop), then contact our friends at Dorset Dubbers Retro Camper Hire for more details.


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