Colin’s Profile

Character Summary

Cheerful, enthusiastic and very good-natured, Colin has taken Junior under his wing.  In the short time they have been together he has become Junior’s best friend and mentor, providing him with reassuring parental presence and guidance.  Colin shares Junior’s love of discovering new things and places so they have lots of fun on their journeys together.  Colin works hard so he can look after his family and is often dreaming up weird and wonderful new business ideas that might make him a successful entrepreneur one day.


27 July 1968




Outdoor life, surfing, car boots, good food and red wine


To own his own successful business one day


Joy riders and lazy teenagers

Greatest Fear


Dream Occupation

Scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean

Most Valuable Possession

His family, which now includes Junior

Favourite Pastime

Car booting and wild camping.  He also loves to take Grandma Ruby for long walks and feed her toast

Favourite Colour


Favourite Smell

Freshly cut grass, wood burning and freshly baked bread

Favourite Film Star

John Travolta

Favourite Film

Star Wars

Favourite Pop Artist


Favourite Food


Favourite Places

Lake District and Dartmoor

Favourite Hero

Bear Grylls

Favourite Cartoon Character

Top Cat because he is smart and cunning

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