Grandma Ruby’s Profile

Character Summary

Grandma Ruby is a wise old dog, she is a bouncing ball of energy and loves spending her time on long walks and running around with Macca. She especially loves to climb the Tors whenever Junior and the family visit Dartmoor and always gets to the top before anyone else. She enjoys having fun with people and other animals, but more important to her is keeping a watchful eye on everyone to ensure they are safe. Grandma Ruby is happy to get up to anything Junior does and she is often the one that solves the puzzles. She loves sitting on Junior’s back seat and watching the world go by as they are driving along.


10 February 1998


Going for walks, long runs and eating toast


Dog owners who leave their dog poo bags hanging in trees. Looks and smells disgusting!

Greatest Fear

That one of the poo bags will split open and land on her head one day 🙁

Dream Occupation

Police dog working for the drug squad (well it was when she was younger)

Most Valuable Possession

Her pink diamond studded collar and the toaster

Favourite Pastime

Rolling on the grass and laying in the sunshine secretly reading detective stories whilst eating toast

Favourite Colour

Nicely browned toast

Favourite Smell

The scent of cats, foxes and toast

Favourite Film Star

Hooch, because he works with an American detective, and she thinks he is a hunk

Favourite Book

Any detective stories

Favourite Food

Apple cores, doggie chewy sticks, oh and let’s not forget toast

Favourite Place

Dartmoor Tors and the Lake District

Favourite Cartoon Character

Dogtanian, because he’s adventurous too!

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