Junior’s Profile

Character Summary

Junior loves travelling around meeting new people and discovering new places because everything fascinates him. He is inexperienced and often makes mistakes through his mis-adventures.  However with the help of his family and friends he usually manages to pull himself out of it and sometimes even saves the day.  He loves everyone and everyone loves him.

Preferred Nickname



1st April 1979




A lovely warm soapy wash


He aspires to winning a prize in a ‘Show and Shine’ competition.


Breaking down in the middle of nowhere and travelling alone on the back of a truck

Greatest Fear

One day having to go back to Bruce the garage owner and losing his family

Dream Occupation

A champion show campervan

Most Valuable Possession

His new shiny white shoes

Favourite Pastime

Driving in the sunshine, wild camping, imaginary adventures with Macca

Favourite Colour


Favourite Smell

Freshly laid tarmac

Favourite Film Star


Favourite Book

Well of course its Junior’s own very first book written by Cath and Colin

Favourite Pop Groups

The Mechanics (1980’s); Beach Boys, Bob Marley

Favourite Food

Good. clean unleaded fuel

Favourite Place

Anywhere driving and camping with his family, but probably loves the beach most

Favourite Hero

Colin Campkin

Favourite Cartoon Character

Hong Kong Phooey

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