Macca’s Profile

Character Summary

Macca is a well spirited and sporty young lad but mischevious with it because he loves finding ways to play tricks on Colin and Cath. He is very adventurous and playful which is why he can often be found running around and rolling in the grass with Grandma Ruby. Spending time with Junior and playing games (especially pirate ones) are his favourite pastimes but most of all he loves to discover new places with his family and have exciting adventures.


27 April 1999




Most of all he loves camping trips because he has lots of adventures with Junior and the family


food shopping and traffic jams

Dream Occupation

To be an RAF pilot

Most Valuable Possession

Toy figures, especially his Rocky Balboa (boxing ones)

Favourite Pastime

Apart from spending time with Junior and discovering new places, he loves to read and play with his toy figures

Favourite Colour


Favourite Smell

Casserole cooking in the slow cooker and roast dinner on a Sunday

Favourite Film Star

Avatar and Transformers

Favourite Book

An elephant in the garden by Michael Morpurgo

Favourite Food

Fish and chips

Favourite Place

Dean Court, Bournemouth Football Club stadium

Favourite Hero

His Grandad

Favourite Cartoon Character

Yogi Bear

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