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Junior has written a book which brings to life the wonders of outdoor adventure with his action-packed escapades and fun filled stories for children and adults to enjoy.  As they travel around the country together, they will be collecting fun memories of their times to share with you in a series of books.  In his first book, we encounter Junior as a sad, neglected campervan who dreams about having excitement in his life, meeting new people and discovering new places.  His story unfolds into an exciting adventure where he unexpectedly becomes a hero and meets his new family for the first time.
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Illustrations copyright Tim Charnick, 2011
Have just enjoyed 1st read of your book with my son, loved it!! Need 2nd book with 1st adventure!!!! Bertie VW Camper
‘Your book was gratefully received by our 3 year old at Christmas.  Highly recommend to all. – Awesome Interiors
‘Received the book today, thanks….well done….Fantastic book….illustrations are amazing?’ – Shelley Lund

‘Many thanks for the book, arrived today , great stuff ! :-)’ – Boatyjangles

  ‘Thank you so much for the book – it’s lovely… its very professional…the graphics are great’ – Gloria Barnett
‘Fantastic book, highly recommend to all’ – Mr G K Ward
‘this is an amazing book and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!! I’m 14 and I still loved it !!!’ – Kai Campbell
‘We love the book, thanks…….- can’t wait for the next episode!’ –  Nicki Seymour

‘Junior, your book is fantastic!! I’m really looking forward to my bed time so I can read it. The pictures are fab too!’ – Jenny Nunn.

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  1. please advise if you sell to Australia and if you have a junior soft toy,,,

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