Getting outdoors plays a vital role in everyone’s health.  Access to safe, natural green spaces has wide-ranging benefits and can provide important breaks from our busy lives – a place to get some fresh air, to exercise or play – a place to go and relax is necessary for us all.


From hiking and biking to canoeing and swimming, there are many ways to get your exercise outside. Research suggests that even low impact activity in the outdoors stimulates endorphins and contributes to both mental and physical health.

Across Britain, there are thousands of acres of land open for everyone to explore. Parks, national forests, wildlife refuges, lakes, and other public lands are great places for wildlife viewing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and general outdoor enjoyment.

Owning a VW camper has given us the opportunity to get out and discover more of the great outdoors and the exciting adventure it can bring. That’s why we want to share some of the great times we have had and encourage you all to discover some of the amazing places we have found.  By clicking on Exploring, Camping or Activities you can see where we have been and get involved yourself.  Who knows it may be the start of a whole new life experience and journey of discovery for you too!
















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