Camp Cooking

Just because you’re camping it doesn’t mean it’s always beans on toast or pot noodle!  If you’ve invested good money in a camping stove, dutch oven, or BBQ bucket, then you really do need to get outside and start cooking!

There are loads of scrummy camping food and camping recipes that are not only dead easy to russle up on a camping stove, but are pretty tasty too. We’ve featured a few of ours and our friends’ favourite camping food recipes here, and will be updating this list as more and more friends recommend to us their favourite and most scrummiest camping food treats!

Dutch Oven:  Cooking over a campfire is great fun if done safely.  Why not try cooking with a Dutch oven and try something other than barbecuing.  The smell and taste of great food cooked on an open fire is irresistible and there is no better way to warm up your grub. You can make up fab recipes including the old favourite scabled eggs and bacon or even a  simple treat loved by kids and grown-ups, melted marshmallows on sticks. 

And remember, cooking outdoors is meant to be fun, so indulge yourself with a few treats!

Here are some of our favourite, quick, easy and tasty camping meals we like to russle up on our camping stove:

  • Mussels – just throw them in a pot, add some garlic, a few herbs, some wine or cider and hey presto!
  • Pasta – there are loads of tasty pasta recipes you can do, either with some pasta sauce jars you’ve brought with you, or by adding in some fresh tomatoes, cheese, sausages etc of your own.
  • Sea bass – easy to cook wrapped in some foil on a BBQ, with some olive oil, wine and a few herbs chucked in for good measure.
  • Mackerels and Sardines are also easy to cook on a BBQ. Even nicer if you’ve picked them up after a trip to the seaside, and they go well with some nice mashed potato.
  • Kebabs and burgers – again, easy to do on the BBQ and are simply delicious. It’s also a lot of fun if you make your own from scratch.

You can also try these simple recipes: 

The Vintage Camper Pancake

100g flour, 2 large free range eggs, 180ml organic milk, a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, 1 tbsp sugar and a knob of melted butter. Should serve 4 people, and you can always do the mix before you go and store it in a tupperware container. Then, just chuck it on the frying pan with a bit of melted butter, and fry for a few mins, and give it a toss halfway if you’re feeling a bit jolly! Don’t forget to let the kids crack open the eggs, messy but fun!






Croque Madame


A croque madame is basically a grilled cheese and smoked ham sandwich topped with a sunny side up egg and it’s deeeeelicious. Any cheese will do, Gruyere cheese is nice, and door-stop sliced bread is a must! If you want a croque monsieur then ditch the egg, but personally I think Madamme is best! Please always use free range eggs though. If you’ve got a camping stove with a grill and two hobs then this is a piece of cake to make.



The Bacon Sarnie

To be honest, it’s really hard to beat the good old fashioned bacon sarnie of a morning. It’s probably my favourite, as I love the morning’s best, when all the other campers are waking up, tents are twitching, there’s a bit of dew on the grass, kids are running around in their PJ’s and wellies, and all the dads are sitting down by the camping stove with a smug look about them – outdoor cooking, and the lovely smell and sound of bacon being fried!





Big Bob's Egg Banjo

Simple, but mightily effective. Fried egg, or maybe two, slapped between to big old chunky bits of brown wholemeal bread, and smothered in HP brown sauce. Then tease your taste buds with the yolky egg and brown sauce mash up. It really is delicious and just what the doctor ordered!

Always use free range eggs please!






Egg and Soldiers

Egg and soldiers is a family favourite of ours. Great for camping too as you can usually get some nice free range eggs from the farm shop or camping shop, and they only take 4 1/2 minutes to boil in a pan of hot water on the camping stove. If you’ve already made some tea, then you can use up the rest of the boiling water from the kettle in a saucepan to save a bit of time and gas.

We find they taste so much better when served in a little campervan egg cup!





French Toast

Thick slices of bread, soaked in a mixture of beaten eggs with milk and cinnamon, toasted in a frying pan, and served with butter and maple syrup. This has to be one of our favorite breakfast dishes and it’s dead easy to do when camping.






Fish Finger Sandwich

Macca thinks these are lush! As always, use some nice thick slices of wholemeal brown bread, grill the fish fingers (or fry them if you don’t have a grill), melt some cheese on top, slap on some Heinz tomato ketchup, squash ’em together a bit and hey presto – food of the Gods in your very own hands! 






Sausage Sandwich

You simply can’t beat a good old sausage sandwich. Even better when you have Tolouse sausages grilled over a BBQ bucket so they’re a bit flame grilled. As always, nice thick brown wholemeal bread with lashings of HP sauce to serve!

A slight variation on the sausage sandwich theme is sausages with marmalade.


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