Amazing Trees

Why do trees matter?

As familiar and attractive components of our landscape, trees can form an important part of our heritage providing us with living links to our past.  They inspire us to look at the natural world around us and enjoy all the benefits that nature has to offer.

As well as being vital to the global ecosystem they provide us with a range of cultural benefits often connected with our economic prosperity and social customs.  Over the centuries many of the trees we live with have been put to various and unexpected use; serving as sacred altars and convenient hideouts as well as watchtowers, hanging gibbets or shelters against the elements.  Some have even been connected with death and others with the power of life, renowned for having magical healing and restoration powers.

Through the centuries our intricately sculptured past has meant that we have some of the most amazing trees that can be found anywhere in the world, a resource well worth protecting and conserving. In fact, all around the British Isles there is an immensely rich and varied tree legacy which can been discovered and enjoyed by us all.

You can discover more about some of these natural wonders by following us around the country to find some of the oldest and most impressive trees in the UK.  Simply scroll down our ‘amazing trees’ menu to find our newest discoveries, print off the information and get out there!

The Ankerwyke Yew, Egham, Surrey

The Knightwood Oak, New Forest

The Wyndham’s Oak, Silton, Dorset

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