Bellever Forest

Location:  DNP map ref: A1 OS ref: SX 656 772

Postcode:  PL20 6TU

Parking:  Bellever Forest main car park is located about 1 mile (1.6km) from Postbridge.  This is a pay and display car park with no designated disabled parking but you can keep the vehicle there overnight without too much bother it seems.

Exploring:  Enjoy both woodland and riverside in this area which is managed by the Forestry Commission. This high Dartmoor forest, was planted from 1921 and the end of World War II, primarily to replenish national timber resources. The forest extends just below Bellever and Laughter Tors. Crossbills, buzzards and ravens can often be seen and you may see a dipper bobbing along the East Dart River.  A short length of path meanders through the shady forest to link the car park with the East Dart River. It then continues along the riverbank, providing ideal picnic and camping spots.

Campfire Cooking:  There is nothing more satisfying than cooking your supper and we found these wonderful crayfish in a local fish shop along with some fresh Mackerel.  Add this with a small mixed salad and a bottle of red wine you have a combination for the perfect evening under the stars.


Camping overnight:  You can explore and camp in many places along the river waking up to the peaceful sounds of the birds and the gentle trickles of the water flowing down the river.  There is an incredible view of the forest and the Dartmoor hills making this place a real hidden treasure.




  1. Thanks for the information about this spot. Based on this I took my tent and stopped over there for a night, even though it was not as sunny as in the picture it was a wonderful spot so thanks for the inspiration. NB the FC car park no longer allows overnight parking. I had to go to Dartmeet and walk back (a lovely walk so no problem!)

    • Hi Chris, so good to hear back from you and glad to have shared that spot with you, it is certainly a beautiful part of Dartmoor, which isn’t often bathed in that much sunshine! Thanks too for the note about the FC car park, I will make a note about that on the website. That would have been quite a walk from Dartmeet, but as you say a lovely one. Happy camping 🙂

  2. I camp around this area Postbridge) a lot. If you don’t want the walk for Dartmeet (about 6 miles), you can always park either in the Postbridge Visitors Center, or in front of the East Dart Hotel.

    It’s a nice easy stroll down to Bellever, but just be mindful that the hill coming back is a bit of a slog with a load.

    I tend to backpack, and if down that way, dump it behind a tree in FC car park. Walk tot he car, then drive back the 5 minutes it takes to pick up my kit.

    I’m back up that way in early July.

  3. darren shread |

    Hi there,

    Are you able to sleep in the van anywhere this location? would they check the park park at night still?



    • Hi Darren

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Camping overnight is not allowed in Bellever Forest Car Park. We left our car there and carried out tent over the river to camp the other side. However, we have never had a problem camping overnight in our van along the roadside across Dartmoor in the many lay-bys and have never been moved on. We only ever stop for one night and make double sure we have cleared up after ourselves.

      I hope that helps. Have fun.

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