Woolacombe, North Devon

Wild Camping in Devon

Woolacombe Beach

Postcode:  EX34 7DJ

Parking:  There is parking all around Woolacombe but if you want a free spot with a great view across the bay then you need to get parked along the esplanade.  You can keep the vehicle there overnight without too much bother it seems without being moved on and there is no charge.

Exploring:  Enjoy both beach and town as this popular summer resort is fantastic for kids and adults looking for some fun in the surf.  There are some great surf and clothing shops as well as restaurants and cafés to keep everyone happy.


In the winter the weather is pretty harsh here but if you are a seasoned surfer it’s a great spot to be.  The cove next to the parking spot is brilliant in the summer to swim around and explore the rocks for shellfish and other little sea creatures.


Probably not a good idea to swim here in the winter but it is tucked away from the crowds and the perfect place to be if you want some peace and quiet. There is a great little café/restaurant inside the cove by the rocks that offers food and tends to be used by locals mainly because not many people know it is there.



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