Wild Swimming in Hampshire


Postcode:  SP6 1RL

Parking:  There is parking all around Fordingbridge but if you want to be close then you can park opposite the play park along Ringwood Road.  There is a charge but it is more convenient to walk across to the river.

Wild swimming:  In the winter the water get pretty deep and fast so probably not a good idea to swim here in the winter but it is a great spot for the kids to splash around in and when they are bored the play park is next door so they can release even more energy.

The water is deep in places so you can swim but it is also shallow enough to let the kids in for a splash.

Exploring:  After a swim in the river you can picnic in the park or have a wander over the bridge into Fordingbridge town where there are a few small shops, pubs and cafes to relax in.

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