Cool VWs

We all know that the VW scene brings with it a unique life style choice and those that are lucky enough to own one tend to form a great bond and love for it. But there is an elite group within the VW fraternity that has gone one step beyond to transform their pride and joy into a wonder to behold. Dubs and bugs stretching the imagination and boundaries of possibility with incredible paint jobs, stunning interiors and quirky designs that have been customised to reveal an abundance of artistic talent in the VW scene. That’s why we have created a page devoted to the best of the best and the top ten, coolest VWs we have been lucky enough to see on our travels.

Let us know if you think you have a contender and we will judge it to see if it’s good enough to knock any of our top 10 off their spot.

Junior’s Number 1

Junior's Number 1

  Junior’s Number 2

Junior's Number 2

 Junior’s Number 3

Junior's Number 3


Junior’s Number 4

Junior's Number 4

Junior’s Number 5

Junior's Number 5

Junior’s Number 6 

Junior's Number 6

Junior’s Number 7

Junior's Number 7

Junior’s Number 8

Jjunior's Number 8

Junior’s Number 9

Junior's Number 9

Junior’s Number 10

Junior's Number 10




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